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  • Imac Irene 3 Small Bird Cage

Imac Irene 2 Small Bird Cage White - IMAC-033-62


Product Description

The Imac Irene 2 White Bird Cage is a traditional home for smaller pet birds, such as budgies, finches, canaries, lovebirds etc . Contrasting white bars and coloured plastic base, with 2 perches and 3 feeding/drinking stations included.

Imac Irene 2 Small Bird Cage white Bars 51x30x48cm (20x12x19")
Imac Italian made Irene 2 Cage For Small Birds.

Features & Benefits:

Extra Spacious: A wide base (nearly 20") and good height (nearly 20") allows spacious living and flying area for small birds.
Deep Scatterless Base: Extra deep base minimises pet mess in consumer's homes.
Pull Out Tray: Pull out tray makes cage cleaning easy without disturbing the bird.
Includes 2 x Ramo branch shaped perches.
2 x easy to fill feeders.
1 x swing.
1 x Flowmatic Feeder.
Vertical wire frame with 12.1mm spacing.

Suitable For: Ideal for smaller birds i.e.: budgies, finches, canaries, lovebirds etc.

Size Metric:---- 45cm x 27cm x 43cms high.
Size imperial:-- 17.7" x 10.6"x 16.9" high.

Base colours may vary.

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